Investment Advice

Investment advice plays a crucial role in financial planning, which is why Moneyfarm is regulated to provide it. We understand your goals, financial situation and attitude to risk, so you can invest in a suitable portfolio.

Clear Strategy

Our Investment Strategy reflects your investor profile and is laser-focused to give you a simpler, smarter investing experience. Log-in to your account to see what you’re invested in at any time; we’ll even update you about any changes.

Expert Guidance

Our investment team is responsible for building and managing your portfolios. The people behind the scenes monitor the markets to ensure your portfolio reflects your investor profile for as long as you invest with us.

Investment Diversification

We select a range of asset classes, geographies, and currency exposures to minimise risk and maximise growth.

Learn About UsAbout March Investments

We create investment solutions that grow and protect your wealth inexpensively and with maximum transparency. March Investments was created to help people make better decisions with their money. So many people pay too much to have their money managed, trade too often, or even too little, and this is costing them over time.

With the right asset allocation, a long term perspective and tight management of both cost and risk, people can achieve more with their money. With our digital investment advice and fully managed portfolios we’ve helped thousands of people to make better investment decisions.

With over 30,000 investors worldwide, we’ve helped some retire early, send their children to university, or even buy a new home. March Investments provides a unique blend of regulated investment advice and discretionary management to give you the freedom and financial confidence to focus on the important things in life. We pair our own algorithms with the irreplaceable expertise from our asset allocation team to give your money the best chance to grow

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Our Investment Offer We Offer One carefully prepared investment package
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Amateur Plan Daily Profit (%)

1.5% Daily

For 10 Days Capital Amounts
  • $100 - $500

Golden Plan Daily Profit (%)

2% Daily

For 10 Days Capital Amounts
  • $501 - $1,500

Star Plan Daily Profit (%)

2.7% Daily

For 10 Days Capital Amounts
  • $1,501 - $10,000

Principal Plan Daily Profit (%)

3% Daily

For 10 Days Capital Amounts
  • $10,999 - Unlimited

Commission Details Referral Commissions

You can use your referral link and make other people to join our platform and when they make an investment you will get 10% referral commission on each of these. This will enhance your earning potential with March Investments.

  • 10 %